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  • Custom Home Painting Sale Ends Saturday

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    Last chance to order your custom home painting at 20% off … ends April 1st (that’s this Saturday)! 

    Obviously you can order a custom home painting for any reason, but I’ve been working on a lot of orders for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

    So, to help ramp up my spring sales, I’m gifting you with a 20% off coupon – enter GIFT20 in the coupon code at checkout when you order a custom painting from me – simply click on any photo of a home painting and these are the listings for home paintings. (You’ll also find that my notecards are on sale in the shop!) Go to to place your order.

    Also, I’d REALLY, REALLY appreciate it if you would please help me spread the word and share this with your friends and family! Most of my business is still from word of mouth. Thank you!  

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