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  • Custom Home Portrait – Oakalea House

    This home portrait of Oakalea House was commissioned by my very dear friend Vicki.

    Vicki is one of my absolute favorite people. I met her when Reese was only 11 months old, and I was desperately seeking answers for direction in my life and business. I could feel God calling me to something bigger, but I didn’t know what it was. I met Vicki at a huge seminar in Miami and we ended up being in a Mastermind that completely changed my life. There are no words to adequately express how much Vicki and my other friends in our Sacred Circle have meant (and continue to mean) to Edward, Reese, and me. I wouldn’t be where I am painting and feeling the love of the Divine like I am today without these people. I love you Vicki and Bill with all my heart! 

    Thank you for asking me to paint Oakalea House for you.

    Custom House Portrait Illustration - Original Home Watercolor Painting, Natalie Bradley Artist, Oakalea House watercolor by Natalie Bradley

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