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  • Mama, I caught a fish!

    Reese caught her first freshwater fish while we were on Lake Oconee. And on a little girl’s pink and purple fishing rod on top of it all! She caught two baby sharks last summer at Myrtle Beach, but this time we had some fun with catching a catfish. Of course, my husband, mother in law, and daughter would not touch it! And it’s been about 20 years since I personally went fishing … so I had to put on some gloves (seriously could not stomach touching it with my hands), and take the hook out and toss it back.

    The fish was HUGE!!!!!!!

    Then, she proceeded to catch another big one … slightly smaller, but still the struggle was real. We put both back in the lake. And then Reese was done. She felt accomplished in her first fishing expedition at the lake and she was ready to move one. The fish were grateful too. 🙂

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    This was my take on this picture….See, it really was a big fish!

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