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  • “Miss” Mary’s Studio

    My Grandmother (known to her pupils as “Miss” Mary) was a piano and voice teacher for quite a few decades. As a result, she has touched hundreds (if not thousands) of people in her life through music, including my Mom, Aunt Gina, my brother Noah, Reese and me.

    Grandmama has been sounding down lately. Her 89 year old body simply isn’t cooperating with her the way she wants it to. So, I decided to paint a picture of her back yard studio that so many people have been a part of over the years. My mom said that it was originally a smokehouse, then it was Mom and Aunt Gina’s playhouse, then the studio. It’s fashioned after the style of her turn-of-the-century home, and it was one of my favorite places growing up.

    Grandmama's Studio, Miss Mary's Piano Studio, Custom House Portrait Illustration - Original Home Watercolor Painting, Natalie Bradley Artist, watercolor by Natalie Bradley


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    1. That’s correct, and maybe of her students relate to this iconic little building in the backyard. Great job, Natalie! I LOVE it and she will too!