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  • Taps

    My Papa passed away a couple of weeks ago and it’s been hard.

    Monday night, I made a painting for Papa… well, really for my Mema in memory of Papa.

    It was a fairly quick watercolor. Just an impression really of my memory combined with some photos I asked the funeral home to send me. I realize that this painting may seem strange to some, but I couldn’t not paint it.

    I haven’t been able to get the scene of Papa’s graveside service with full military honors out of my mind. It isn’t me being morbid or dramatic. There is something that is honestly very moving, yet comforting about hearing “Taps” for a loved one, and I wanted to capture that moment on paper.

    It was also weighing on my mind to do something for Mema because I saw a note on my calendar Monday reminding me to mail Papa his birthday card the first week of September. Painting helps express so many things we all process.

    Taps Watercolor by Natalie Bradley

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